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4 Tips for Safely Storing Your Belongings in a Shipping Container

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If you're planning to store your belongings in a shipping container, there are several things you should consider before loading everything up. Storage containers are a great option for larger items that may be too big or bulky to store inside your home, but they require some extra TLC to make sure your belongings remain safe and secure. Here are four top tips that will help ensure your storage container experience is successful.

1. Prepare Your Items Before Loading Them Into the Container

Preparing your items before storing them away is essential if you want them to stay in good condition while they're being stored away. Take the time to clean off any dirt or debris from the items and wrap any delicate pieces with bubble wrap or other protective materials before loading them into the container. This will help protect them from dust and moisture, which can cause damage over time.

2. Keep an Inventory of What You Store In The Container

Storing an inventory of what's inside the container is important for two reasons. It helps keep track of what's been stored and helps when it comes time to retrieve something from storage later on down the line. Make sure you label each item clearly with its contents and write down all items stored in a file or notebook so that you can easily reference it at any time if needed.

3. Secure The Container When Not In Use

One of the most important tips when using storage containers is making sure they stay locked up securely when not in use—this ensures that no one can access your belongings without permission and prevents theft or damage from occurring while they're being stored away. Investing in quality locks will give you peace of mind knowing that nothing will be disturbed while you're away.

4. Regularly Check On Your Belongings

Lastly, it's important to regularly check on your belongings while they're being stored away to make sure everything is still intact. You should also check that items are free from damage or deterioration due to temperature changes or moisture levels within the container itself. Regularly checking can also help prevent any unwelcome pests from taking up residence inside.


Using a shipping container for storage is an excellent way to create extra space for large or bulky items without having to sacrifice valuable floor space inside your home. Following these four tips will ensure that whatever you choose to store away remains safe, secure, and in perfect condition until it's ready for retrieval again at some point down the line. For more info, contact a storage company such as Container Solutions & Logistics Africa.